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Tom Welling Casts In Leading Movie Role →


Tom Welling will star in the upcoming Lionsgate movie “The Choice”. He will play a doctor. For further details and discussion check out our forum.


i’ve got a date with emma. should things go well and she wants me to hold her,
                                   i want to use        b o t h      h a n d s.

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His darkness and her light. Together they’re True Love.

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Xabi Alonso | Post-Match Interview.
About his goal: “Well, I saw the idea here on this pitch last year when Madrid played and Cristiano scored like that so I remember it and [the goal] came from there: make them jump and shoot low. And well, I’ve had a bit of luck.”

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A very confused Xabi Alonso during a post match German interview

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[Clark walks in the Daily Planet bullpen, sees Lois reading something, and nervously walks up to her.]

Clark: Lois?
Lois: Did you hear? The brilliant brass over at KZXP have decided to go with someone else for their morning show.
Clark: Lois?
Lois: After everything that happened, after Ollie and I almost got killed, guess who they’ve decided to go with? (She shows him a promo picture of Catherine Grant as the new correspondent.)
Lois: Apparently blondes test better with morning viewers.
Clark: Lois!
Lois: I’m sorry, I never should have tried out in the first place, or dragged you with me, and I just—

[Clark grabs her and passionately kisses her. At first, she is surprised, then she kisses him back.]

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Clark ‘the pervert’ Kent moments-Smallville 4x02 ‘Gone’

Clark ‘the pervert’ Kent moments
-Smallville 4x02 ‘Gone’

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favorite character meme Thomas Shelby

Everybody’s a  w h o r e, Grace. We just sell different parts of   o u r s e l v e s .

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Bastian Schweinsteiger will be die Mannschaft’s new captain!


Sami Khedira, Thomas Müller, Manuel Neuer and Mats Hummels will make up the Spielerrat (team council)

Curious, what the Spielerrat does?


What does Xabi Alonso really think…inspired by (x)

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